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In order to access your files with FTP, you will need to create an FTP account through cPanel. Having an FTP account setup will allow you to upload, download, and quickly manage files with your favorite FTP client.

1. Find the Files section and click the FTP Accounts icon.
2. A form will appear to allow you to enter essential data. Fill it out accordingly.

Log In: This is the FTP username which you'll log in as.
Password: This is the password you'll set when logging in.
Password (Again): Retype the password to verify accuracy.
Directory: This is the path which the FTP account will have access to relative to your home directory.

3. Set the FTP account's quota, keeping in mind how much data you plan on uploading. Set to Unlimited to have no disk space limits.
4. Click Create FTP Account.

When you're done, a new FTP account will be created which you can connect to. The account is ready for use immediately.

Security Tip #1: Make sure to always use a strong password. Avoid dictionary terms and try to use a phrase or unique combination of characters only you would know or remember.

Security Tip #2: Log out of any active FTP sessions, especially on public terminals / computers. Leaving your FTP account open to access will put it at risk of malicious activity.

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