Dedicated Servers Discounts

  • 1st October 2023


(-5% Off) Your First Month, Code: 5%OFF
(-5% Off) 3 months, Code: 5%OFF-3MO
(-10% Off) 6 months, Code: 10%OFF-6MO
(-15% Off) 12 months, Code: 15%OFF-12MO

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Looking Glass for our Dedicated Servers

  • 26th November 2020
The Following Test IPs are available to conduct tests for our Dedicated Servers :- Atlanta (US): Ashburn (US) New York (US): Chicago (US): Santa Clara (US): Dallas (US): Denver (US): Seattle (US): Los Angeles (US): ...
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Earn Upto 75% as an Affiliate !!!

  • 14th August 2019
We are glad to announce our new affiliates program which will allow our clients to earn up to 75% Commission* on each successful sale as follows:-Tier 1 Affiliates:- Clients with up to 10 Successfuly Refered Sales get 10% Commission on each Successful sale. Valid on All VPS and Shared Hosting Orders. 10% Commission will be added as Client ...
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